Removing statistics

Hi, I use the zwift app on my phone while riding. While the computer a few meters away is connected to the TV.
The statistics of events now stay on the screen after riding with a group and can’t be removed on the phone. I have to stop riding, walk to the computer and close them. Which means that there is no way I can stay with riders from any event for a longer “After Party” ride.
It was bad enough before when it lasted 30 seconds (I had to spin and pray I was keeping up…). Now they cannot be closed at all by phone app. Please improve the set up so that they can be closed on the phone too.

Hi @Sharon_Levy, welcome to the forums… to clarify you are running the Zwift Companion app on your phone, not the game app. The game is running on your computer and uses a TV as a monitor. The race results screen stays up and you can’t exit it from the companion app, so you have to get off the bike and go click a button. Do I have that right?

Is there an option for you to have a wireless mouse next to your bike as a workaround?

I have recommended this app a few times before - it turns your phone in to a touchpad so you could use that to close the window.

the free version works fine for me.

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Brilliant - thx!

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Hi Mike, thank you for answering. You understood my set up perfectly, way better than I described it :blush:. If Chris’s virtual pad doesn’t work, i’ll have to try placing a wireless mousse somewhere not far.

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For Android phone

Free version works great for basic mouse/keyboard use. I didn’t try paid one.

Thx Milan.