New User Noob Questions and feedback

Hi,  I’ve just joined and become a paid member.    I absolutely am enjoying the ride so far.   However, the below are some questions and comments from someone with a new perspective.


  1.  From my personal dashboard ( how can I view the details of previous workouts?   I have downloaded and opened the files in a program called “golden cheetah” but I would prefer to just analyze in the Zwift Web Dashboard.

  2.  When I finish a workout I only am getting a couple of options.  “discard” and “Save and Exit”    When I “save and exit” it does exactly what it says it does and literally dumps me out of the program and shuts it down.    If I want to get back in and do a little free riding I have to reload the program.  Is there a way where I can finish a workout and then jump into maybe a group ride without having to exit and reload the game?

  3.  Can a customizable calendar be added to either the SW interface or the Web based dashboard?    I joined so that I could make the best use of the workout modules.  In fact, I will be starting the 12 week FTP builder soon.    It would be great to have a personalized calendar which I can use to plan and track my progress.  

I’m on a Macbook Pro with the latest software upgrades of the OS and Zwift. 

Great program already but the analyze and potential are amazing.   Don’t forget to keep possibilities this software or you will find innovating coming to try and take your place.  

  1. You can’t view anything more than the basic info. For anything else you have the likes of Strava - it would be pointless for Zwift to replicate what they’ve already done.


  1. When you finish a workout it should go straight into free ride mode, does it not?
  1.  Point taken.   But it’s not replicating anything since Zwift is the originator of the data in the first place.   Strava, if anything, is the place that is replicating it.     When I finish a workout I’m getting exactly the data that I want and need to see…     My question or comment is, if Zwift is already doing the work of calculating this information, why not just take the one tiny extra step and saving it to each riders profile and associated workout?      I know this may be hard for tech geeks to comprehend, but some of us old farts actually would rather limit the amount of programs we need to log into rather then increase them. :slight_smile:



  1.   Yes, you are absolutely correct.    I am put right into free ride, which is cool some of the time.   However, if I want to enter another ride or workout, I need to completely exit the system.     Why?   I’m sure there must be a good reason, but I really don’t like exiting the program and starting it all back up again.       In other words, once I have logged into Zwift and got my trainer and HR strap identified and linked in, then there should be no reason for me to have to dump the program just to do a different activity.  

Well Stated Tacx…the new workout summary that flashes on the screen, which has valuable data in terms of interval analysis, etc, can only be saved via screen capture.  Very frustrating.