The first 3 rides


First of all, thank you for letting me into the program - i’m a huge fan of gamificated sports and fitness. Actually, for me, for the Zwift is a matter of keeping up the activity level in cold, dark winter that Denmark offers :).

The first impression was - that i liked you way of adressing the project on an MVP-ish way. Confining to only one track and then improving it - seems perfect.
While the setup still is a bit complex for the average consumer, both my wife and friends, instantly got the UI and the “game”. So not much to say about that.

Second, things like toggling modes with buttons - as well as finding the dashboard - was discovered by intense googling, which seems like something that could be summed up in a PDF pretty quick. Maybe us lucky beta testers should provide it for you guys…

Third, i invited my friend who exiting a succesful cancer program - which in term meant that he really wants to get fit again, but needs to stay around the house much of the time to avoid getting a cold. He really got onboard with this since it was a really fun way of getting started within the house. So we now agreed to start a fun competition 2-3 times a week (he hasnt got a beta user, so uses mine). While the social part of Zwift needs some time to grow and bloom, this instant social (in the physical world) game is out-of-the-box brilliant. But it does have some simple restraints as of now… The lacking historic lap time tracker / leaderboard makes it hard to compete - against yourself and against your friends… (if its possible, at least i havent fount it yet). Also, it feels like you might be able to access more than one profile within a “license”), as it otherwise makes my personal track record blurry.

I hope you can use some of my feedback - and also choose to read as the applause it was meant to be also.


I don’t think Zwift is storing any ride data since most people will just upload their rides to Strava anyway. If you are talking about displaying historic segment time within the game then may be Zwift can pull data from Strava. That’s actually not bad of an idea.

Hi Michael,

Please drop me an email with some info regarding your friend via the support link up top :slight_smile: