First ride feedback

First of all – thanks so much to the folks at Zwift for giving me an invite! It’s very cool to be a part of this!

I had some installation issues due to my computer being a bit old (needed to update some drivers), but I managed to get up and running today. The dudes answering the support emails are absolutely great – super patient and very fast to respond, got me sorted out in no time.

My main takeaways:

–I now have absolutely no excuse to not start next race season fast. I’ve seriously never had more fun on the trainer before. Overall, the concept is as cool as I imagined it would be when I first heard about the product.

–My actual gameplay experience was quite good – there was one point at which my powermeter dropped (in the final 100m of one of the sprint points, of course), and there were a few moments of image chop. Other than these minor gripes, everything was great.

–I rode for an hour, and according to Zwift my ride distance was 19.7 miles. When I uploaded the .fit to Strava, it got the time right, but it said I only rode for 16.X miles. Also, in my activities folder, there were a bunch of 1-2kb .fits, and a larger .fit which was the file I uploaded… not sure what’s going on here.

–Sneak attacking Taylor Phinney at the end of a sprint point is satisfying, but beware of how hard he will smoke you in retaliation.

The smaller .fit files are where you logged in and either didn’t ride or rode briefly. The “DISCARD” button is not actually discarding anything as of yet apparently, so anytime you log into the system a .fit file is saved.

Awesome first ride report. Where else can you ride with the one and only Taylor Phinney? :slight_smile:

I’ll be in touch about the fit file/strava issue.