My First ride experience

(Jesper Theil Hansen) #1

I got the Beta invite this week and rode my first ride today. I have a bunch of questions, and I feel most of them would be answered with a simple “Getting started” guide - does such a thing exist ?

Tried first on m Lenovo thinkpad X301, a couple years old running Windows 8.1 64Bit.
Swift install took 25 minutes and then failed with an error message regarding OpenGL. Apparently this laptop doesn’t support the required version.
Would have been nice with the message before the 25 minute install wait if you can check earlier.
This Thinkpad has been running TrainerRoad and Tacx so far without issues.

Then installed on my newer thinkpad X230 running Windows 10. Install was faster and Swift started up.

VERY impressed with the device pairing : I paired my Wahoo Kickr,and heartrate strap. AND was able to pair with my Vector pedals for cadence as well. Something I’ve used on trainerroad also - SUPER feature.

Got a little confused by the User configuration and ride start screens - but eventually figured out that I could just start pedaling… doh

The ride experience is fun but I continued to be a little confused about how it was supposed to work so I basically just tried to chase down everyone ahead of me. I kept riding trying to “fill up” the Orange progress bar at the top, but eventually figured out that wasn’t going to happen.
After 3 or so laps, I wanted to stop and started hitting keys to get out. A display with 3 blocks of names and times appeared on the left of the screen and then the whole thing crashed.

I started up again and it had forgotten most of my settings. I set everything up again and exited immediately. This time settings were remembered. It would be more crash-friendly if settings were saved without having to exit the program.

I was clearly WAY too good… I mean fun to be the fastest cat on the mountain, but I don’t think my 92kgs are supposed to go that easy up a 10% incline.

I think I figured out that the “Blue” riders are AI riders, but i couldn’t see any point in having them there - what function do they have?
The “real” riders I assume are fellow beta testers.

How am I supposed to join a ride - do I just pick a random name from the start screen and ride with him/her ? Or are there coordinated starts and fixed length rides ?

All in all - this looks promising, I hope the crash was a fluke even if I’ll of course expect it in a beta. I can tell you that I have suffered with Tacx software for 3 years until total frustration with instability and constant crashes has led me to never buy a Tacx product again.
There are few things more frustrating than putting in an hour of effort and then lose the data - we are data geeks after all :slight_smile:


(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

The orange bar at the top corresponds to what level of the game you are on. The longer you are on the more it will fill in but a bit slowly. When you complete a level you get new stuff…wheels, jerseys and even a bike.

The Zwift staff has said that soon we will all have to enter our weights, but for now we are all 75kg…so enjoy your new climbing ability while it lasts!

(Jesper Theil Hansen) #3

Thanks, for the tips.

My second ride today went smooth - no crashes, I kept my hands off the keyboard - that helped I think.