First Ride Experience

The first ride was very interesting. I really like the visual aspect of the software and the opportunity to ride with others. I look forward to having that and training workouts like I have with TrainerRoad.
A few things I noticed or had to deal with is spending alot of time on the website looking for a user manual to determine what I was looking at on the screen or what options I had I different views. I’m still pretty sure I don’t know or understand what all I can do. I did notice in the forums a Zwift response to this variable and the response was we don’t have a manual and want to make so it just explains itself. Well it doesn’t for me and a simple video or quick reference sheet for keystrokes would go a long way in my mind.
One other thing I noticed was my watts/cadence/speed would be jump around all over the place. I need to do some more testing to see if its a software issue or a wifi/ANT+ issue or something else. But I don’t have this issue when I am connected to TrainerRoad.

overall I enjoyed the short ride and look forward to trying it out more and learning what all I can do with the software.