Poor first experience

(Amanda Kifer) #1

I have a KickR trainer, cadence meter and heart rate monitor… equipment should work since it works great with other training platforms.  My rider doesn’t move past a snails pace, the trainer doesn’t shift or look like I’m making process.  Frustration of trying to mess with the bike and figure things out during race mode is extremely frustrating.  I was really excited for something next but I’m headed back to Trainer Road.


Other non deal breakers but kinda poor first experience:

  1. One of the selling points is racing in ‘lands’.  Hard to preview because ride select is in text.  Doesn’t have the basic ‘racing’ game play of a video game.

  2.  Race experience doesn’t feel like a race since there’s no “go” feeling.

  3.  On-boarding experience is kinda everywhere.  No way to test my setup before a ‘race’.  

  4.  As a female rider, make the default rider look more… female. :wink:  That one is minor. 


(Mark Hewitt) #2

Really hard to debug that one as you haven’t told us anything about what’s actually wrong? No idea what you mean by ‘trainer doesn’t shift’?

Why are you in ‘race mode’, try just doing a ride instead until you get familar with it?

  1. No idea what this means?

  2. Hard to simulate in a 3D game I guess?

  3. Again why a race? 

  4. Sure :o)

(Amanda Kifer) #3

There didn’t seem to be other options other than racing. If there were other Dade modes… it wasn’t clear to me.

Sorry… I can’t provide more details other than I was pedaling like crazy and my rider didn’t move past a snails pace even though that same cadence under TrainerRoad would have been enough to make progress.

(Ron Stafford) #4

Hi Amanda,

I recommend a Zwift User Manual read through…or two, if you haven’t already. Some great tips for getting all the hardware connected. Also, some programs/apps need to be running BEFORE you activate your trainer (spinning the crank briefly for zPower), heart rate monitor, etc. 

Don’t give up on Zwift just yet, it brought me back to cycling!



(Mark Hewitt) #5

Like Ron says, I’m sure it’s something simple with your setup. Could you tell us what trainer you have? That’s a good starting point.


If you’re on facebook head over here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwiftriders/ they’ve a great bunch who will give loads of advice.