First Ride

Just finished up my first ride on Zwift, and it was by far the most “fun” I’ve had on a trainer. It occupies your mind, so kudos to the Zwift team.

I am using a Stages PM, Garmin 800, Garmin HR, as well as Garmin Cadence/Speed sensor. Running windows on a PC, dumb trainer with Garmin Ant dongle. I did not seem to encounter any glitches during my ride, and the PM was pretty darn accurate.

Some things i noticed:

  1. Was the lag between when i jumped out of the saddle, for the sprint comp, and cranked up the power, till when my avatar reacted, as well as power. (Very strong wifi connection)
  2. When i stop pedaling, my avatar will coast for a while before ever stopping, regardless of slope.

1.It would be really nice to be able to direct message or small chat with individuals who are riding. If you are doing a specific workout, it would be awesome to get people in on that workout, or stick one of theirs. Its all about mixing it up.
2.The segments are fantastic and i am sure you are working on more tracks etc, but once you have done the segment you only briefly see the results. Being able to have a drop down list so that you can see what goal you need to reach or re evaluate your effort would be awesome.
3.I am viewing on a laptop computer and while its not the smallest screen, it is slightly difficult to see where you are on the track according to the map.
4.At first i didn’t see when the sprint and KOM started. Eventually i saw the markers, but if a reminder popped up or something significant to signify where the segment started, it would be beneficial.

I will def have more feedback after using the program more. It was an awesome experience and it is very beneficial for living in the northeast area. Thanks for the opportunity!!