First Rides - Beta Feedback

I received my invite two days ago and have been putting in rides every day, although not as lengthy as I would like due to time constraints. I finally made it to level 2 this morning. I was hoping to ride tomorrow morning as well, but this morning (Third Ride) my competitive spirit was piqued, as I could just not let a couple of riders pass me on the climbs. Let us just say that 10-mile ride has been one of the best workouts I have ever gotten on the trainer :smiley:

– Lemond Revolution Trainer
– Lemond Wattbox (generates power and speed stats)
– Sigma Cadence-Only sensor
– Garmin Soft Strap HR Monitor
– Wahoo Fitness App on Ipod Touch (4th generation) with ANT+ dongle for backup purposes

– Garmin USB ANT+ Stick dongle (plugged in USB 2.0 Cable extender later)
– CPU: Intel Pentium 2.80 Ghz
– RAM: 4GB
– OS: Windows 7 Professional - 32-bit
– Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 430 (version 332.21)

Initial Setup:
I was concerned that my PC requirements would not be able to run the client software, but so far the client software has been running flawlessly. All my sensors paired up extremely quick and all of them paired up without any issues. I selected my avatar appearance settings and quit out of the client to tend to some errands. Decided to log into the website ( to check it out, but there are not a lot of things to setup here at this moment.

First Ride (3-mile) :
I decided to do my first loop around the island and selected the “join ride” at the bottom of the main screen. I started pedaling and quickly completed 1 lap around the island. I did notice that my power reading would zero out from time to time and my rider would come to a complete stop. It did not happen too often, but it was annoying enough, especially on the climbs. I finished my first ride by only doing 1 lap. I pushed the “Save to Strava” button but for some reason the results never made it to Strava. I also could not see the results on the website either, but saw them 5 minutes afterwards. I tried “downloading” the results from the dashboard (fit format and file) and importing them into Strava manually, but it gives me an error when I try to do the import (Corrupted time data). I have tried importing the same file into Garmin Connect and the icon just spins and spins but never finishes the import.

Second Ride (3-mile):
I had not seen the first ride register, so I jumped on the trainer again and did another lap. This time I clicked “Just Ride” on the initial screen and did my lap. I received a couple of achievements and noticed how real it felt when going 40+ downhill and coming to a left turn. My brain kept screaming: TURN TURN TURN! The upload to Strava worked flawlessly this time.

** Addendum on cable extender: I would read on the forums later that day about using cable extenders as power meters tend to be more sensitive and need to be closer to the USB ANT+ dongle. Initially the ANT+ dongle was connected to the back of the computer. Connecting the cable extender corrected the issue immensely. I still notice the power readings zero down from time to time, but they get picked back up immediately. My rider no longer comes to a complete stop.

Third Ride (10-mile):
I went out for a “real life” ride this morning, but it was cut short. Came back home and jumped on the trainer for additional miles. Several folks on the loop, including Eric Min. Very competitive but definitely pushed my power level far above what I would normally ride on the trainer. I also noticed pushing the watts trying to get a better placement on the KOM and sprint sections. I admit it, it was a ton of fun, and once again the miles just flew. I did decide to use my Ipod touch as a backup to collect the workout data just in case.

Observations and Ideas:
– It would be nice if we could setup additional things on the website (achievements listing). Right now, the things we can set here are minimal.Either that, or have a dedicated menu option to set them up on the client software.

– Is there a way to set the time zone we live are located in? I only ask because Strava registers my workouts 6-hours behind my current time. I would imagine that this effect has to do with the GPS stats coming in from Jarvis Island on the South Pacific.
– Several folks have asked for a specific way to do “Spectator Mode”. +1 on this.
– Ability to set up workouts. For example, some mornings I may want to do some interval work. The climb in the island does give us this ability somewhat as the climb can be considered part of an interval.
– Ability to have friend lists. A couple of my friends are on Zwift already and it would be nice to see when they are on and join them.

– Ability to setup teams. This way we can compare our stats with our team mates. Additionally, maybe compete on events while being part of a team? Team Time Trials?
– Ability to upload our own jersey designs for our teams and also may be sell those designs as well to folks that may be interested?

Overall, extremely happy with the software. I can only imagine where things are going. I am amazed how good the graphics are, even on an aging system as mine. I am also amazed how my brain is definitely getting fooled into thinking I am riding on a real road. Time seems to just fly while doing island laps and so far I have gotten some of the best workouts I have ever done on the trainer.


– Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 430 - 1GB
---- driver version 332.21)