Beta Feedback #2

Finished with the Sufferlandria tour so I tested Zwift out again today. I use KK RR trainer with Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor. This time I hooked my computer to my TV to see if there would be any image distortion, delay, etc.

Everything ran smoothly.

Pros: I really like how the system slows things down as you go up to hill to make you pedal faster. I am sure you get a great feeling with the Wahoo Kickr. At any rate, it makes me work harder to go up hill and that works for me. I even enjoy the downhill.

Cons: Not sure yet. At least product wise and functionality all is well for me.

Long-term: I use Trainerroad, and adding in Sufferfest video’s help from a focus standpoint, but I think that when you add in workouts and more environments (i.e. locations, weather conditions [i.e. rain, head winds, cross winds], etc.) then it will be hard for folks to not use ZWIFT.