Beta feedback

After 5 rides I have to say it has been pretty smooth except for a couple of minor problems. My most frequent problem is that the resistance on my wahoo kickr doesn’t change with the terrain. This has happened about half of the times I have ridden. Also sometimes the video streaming is kind of choppy. Besides these two things there really isn’t much that needs to be fixed. I am really enjoying zwift so far, and my rides seem to go faster.

Hi Andy, when was the last time you had issues with the KICKR not adjusting? The code was changed a little on 12/31 so I’m curious if you’ve seen it more or less since then.

Jon, the KICKR has not adjusted resistance on all my rides including/since 12/31. My KICKR firmware has not been changed, it’s v1.3.8. Does my computer need to restart to apply any new Zwift updates?

Thanks for inviting me to beta test. I’ve hoped something like this would come along. I’m a junior cyclist who also enjoys playing PS4 (Call of Duty, Tour de France 2014) so it’s great to combine the 2! Zwift has helped my final preparation for Cyclocross Nationals on the trainer here in Wisconsin.