Initial Impressions

I completed my first Zwift Beta ride today. Thanks for having me in the beta program!

Graphics are awesome. It thought I was playing WoW for a second.
Setup was easy. Found my HR and PowerTap without any fuss.

I actually rode with my rollers today, I found myself wanting to steer lol. Initially I had planned a recovery ride today, but found myself putting in a couple of hard efforts up the timed climb. Then I didn’t want to quit until I reached level 2. So, so far so good.

A couple of things:
More context sensitive help. Was hard to figure out initially what was AI, who was real, what the bubbles meant, etc.

Instructions for the controls. I can switch the views using 1,2,3, etc, but are there other interactions I’m missing?

I found I couldn’t interact with the player list once I was paused. I thought this was odd.

When clicking I’m done, the app just closes. I thought the program had crashed. Seems rather abrupt. Or is it crashing?

I’m seen people post about getting their .fit files. How do you get to them?

Overall, a good experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you all come up with!


You can use F1-F9

I think F1 is an elbow flick…F2 is a wave…F3 and on are various phrases like “hammer time”, “i’m toast”, “ride on”.

The .fit file is stored in DOCUMENTS/ZWIFT/ACTIVITIES. Right now DISCARD doesn’t really do anything…everytime you login a .fit file is saved whether you discard it or not.


Hi Kevin,

Greg is correct (as always) about the commands! We’re including them on the keyboard for beta testing purposes. This post has a pretty good summation of all the keys available (besides the communication ones):

And, no, the game isn’t crashing after you save or discard. It is rather abrupt so we’re looking into different ways to progress after you’ve decided to end your ride.

Thanks for the excellent feedback!