Download workout

Hey there;

Yes, new to Zwift, but a long time rider and rode Computrainer and other games that brought riders together (Tour de Giro I.e.)

I have two questions for folks if anyone wants to chime in.

  1. it seems my last ride was not saved and therefore not added to my levels (I crossed into level 10), so when rode today, I was at level 9 again, though it saved today’s performance. Does this happen and anyone in IT to “add it” to my totals? (I actually have the ride saved to the companion app, just didn’t seem to be added to the totals that day).

  2. Any movement toward customizing rides so if I’m in Colorado (I’m actually in Colorado), I can somehow download Loveland Pass, Monarch Pass etc., and then I can suffer with rides that I know out here, or anywhere? Does this currently exist? Seems like an idea to have a group be able to ride together on these new customizable rides.

Thanks for any help the forum may provide.

If your ride wasn’t saved, its quite likely due to a glitch in either the network between you and zwift mothership (your wifi, your router, your ISP etc etc) or just one of those Zwift glitches that is starting to happen too frequently to people that have no explanation. If you are on a PC or Mac you can often grab your partial fit file and upload to Strava, but doesnt achieve the desired levelling up you are after.

Other platforms give you the ability to do what you are after with local “rides”. The best Zwift can do is grab a fit file from any of your/any rides and load it into a custom workout to simulate it. It will match the “feel” really well but the location will be whatever Zwift world/route you select. Who knows what Zwift will offer in the future but they tend to keep future features to themselves.