Program exits after ride.....Part 2

(Joel Bruno) #1

This was discussed in another thread(s), but I now have a clear example of why I would prefer the program not automatically exit if I choose to discard or save a ride…

I’ve started training with the FTP Builder workout programs, which are AWESOME by the way!  Despite there being a 10-minute warm up in the FTP workout, I like to warm up a little bit before actually going into the FTP program.  I like to do that in the course de jour to see the scenery and other riders, but when I finish my personal warm up, I’m forced to save or discard that little bit of a ride and then the program exits automatically.

It would be REALLY nice that when I click Discard or Save after my short warm up that I be allowed to exit to a “Main Menu” and then be able to select a Workout.  The way the program is currently set up, it forces an exit and I have to go back through the entire front-end of the program once again to select an FTP workout.

If I’m not doing something correctly, please…by all means…let me know how to shift from a “regular” ride (after choosing Discard or Save) to an FTP workout without the program exiting and then having to log back in from square one.

Thanks y’all…you’re doing a GREAT job!!!


(Scott) #2

Hi Joel - we hear you and improving the experience is on our radar. It might not be a perfect solution for your use case if you want to save your warmup as a separate activity, but you can press “E” on your keyboard at any time to pop up the workout selection menu. 

(Joel Bruno) #3

Thanks for the feedback, Scott!!  Unfortunately the keyboard is across the room, but it’s wireless so maybe I can put it on the stand with the rest of everything else that’s on the stand.