PLEASE: Settings and customization without starting ride

Thought I would create a couple of workouts today while sitting around and working on laptop. However, I could not get past the screen to do pairing; even though I did not want to actually ride at this time. Likewise, the access to things like profile, FTP setting, customizations, etc.; are all hidden or impossible without first selecting to ride. PLEASE provide profile, settings, customization, workout building, etc. as options from the main login screen! There’s really no reason to have it hidden or inaccessible - this is a normal part of working with any application. You login (or better yet - it remembers your login!) and get to a main menu screen where you can access all those items OR choose to start a ride/workout. Thanks!

Hi JD, I’m sure we’ll change the menu flow soon, but if you’d like to get to the workout editor, just hit ESC at the pairing screen.  You could also click “just watch” and then hit the ‘e’ key in game.


Thanks Jon! I’ll try that now. It’s amazing how much this program has changed my indoor training rides - I actually look forward to them now :slight_smile:

Hard to believe it’s been a year and Zwift still hasn’t done anything about this. Horrible. It’s absolutely madness that you have to start the ride before you can access the settings. My bike is at least ~3m away from the computer (as it would be for everyone that is riding in a basement riding studio environment with a big screen and projector etc.) so anything that requires you to start the ride and then do something with the computer is really quite intolerable, no other riding software that I use has this problem.

Hi Eric, I’m not sure what is going on but all you have to do is click the orange arrow in the bottom left of the screen to bring up the pause/settings screen whenever you want.  No need to get on a bike and start a ride.  It’s been this way for quite some time.   Do you not have that button?

I do have the button once I start the ride.  Just tried it out now and it does work, I don’t have to go over to the bike and start riding first, but as soon as I start the ride (on the computer) I’m in the world and the clock is ticking. The simulation has started and I’m present in the virtual world. It would be vastly better if I could manipulate settings first before appearing (not to mention that it would be a much more conventional UX to have access to settings/options right away once logged in, so more discoverable for users). Is there some technical reason for this (like settings being saved independently for every external configuration of workout/world/ride pattern, rather than globally? If that’s the case then why not just select your course options/workout and then present the option to either Ride or go to Settings?)

It would be great if you made it where you could edit workouts and do some of this stuff while waiting for your work day to end so you can simply go home and do your ride.  Riding already takes enough time from setting a block aside and then getting ready and actually doing the workout.  Make it so we can play with settings and check/change things when we are simply sitting in front of a computer screen dreaming about our rides.

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I am tussling with this problem too - I’m using an iOS device and so don’t have the orange arrow at the bottom left. And when I skipped past the Pairing screen by selecting Just Watch, then made some edits, I still had to chose ‘End Ride’ and tell Zwift to bin it off.


As others have said, the option to edit & customise should be available separate to a ride.