Still no "settings" shortcut?

Is it still not possible to access the settings screen unless you begin riding, stop, then wait for the screen to appear?  I’ve seen this requested over and over again…

Also, please add averages to the HUD.  Riding with another device to give me a running average of power or HR shouldn’t be necessary at this point.

Hi Anders, when you finally see your avatar on the road for the first time there should be a little orange button on the bottom left of the screen to pull up the pause menu, and from there you should be able to access settings.

As for the averages, that is coming.    I’d be interested in hearing what specifically you’re wanting averages of, and is it simply for your entire ride?  Do you typically include zeros or not?

Awesome, that is very helpful with accessing the pause screen.  In terms of screen real estate I think the most helpful thing would be just a ride average of power/HR/speed, or maybe even normalized power.  If I’m not doing a workout it is helpful to have some sense of the total physiological cost of the ride.  Maybe each feature of the HUD could be a separate drag/drop element that can be added or removed.  If someone is just riding and doesn’t care about leaderboards or power, they can have a minimalist HUD.  If someone is a real data junky they could throw all kinds of “widgets” up on the screen, or have separate profiles depending on what kind of ride their doing or what view they use.  I ride almost exclusively in first person, so I’d love to dump most data to the bottom of the screen.  Thanks for responding, and happy New Year.

Cadence should include zeros.  Power should not.