(Martin Bjorgvik Sz) #1

I would like to add more information to my HUD or be able to change HUD with a key toggle to show other various information. The information is there I just want´s to show them in realtime while ridning. Would this be possible to add to Zwift in a near future? 

Here is a mockup of other datafields I would like to be able to toggle between

Avg speed / Avg hrr / Awg pwr/ Avg rpm / w/kg /avg w/kg  


(Greg Lehto RO4H) #2

Would also be nice to make the HUD go away for screen shots.

(Tudor Sofron) #3

also, add Power / NP in the hud ;-). but main thing, a customisable hud a la Garmin screens would be welcome :wink:

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #4

Pretty sure a customizable HUD was requested a year or more ago.  Waiting on that, along with ability to stay logged in and training peaks upload.

(Edoardo Chiamenti) #5

Good call Martin!

(B ruver John ZZRC) #6

Like the hud idea, You could have a multi hud?, One screen just for events, A group hud would be brilliant so you can see where all your group are on the course and see there texts rather than everybody elses,  as i have two groups on the go at the same time.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #7

I’m pretty sure if you do your screenshot from the mobile device, it doesn’t include the graphics HUD. At least that’s been my experience.

(Leo Widerberg) #8

The hud is shown in my screenshots, but I want that, so in that case it should be optional.

(Mark Hewitt) #9

The automatic shot which Zwift does for Strava doesn’t have the HUD, but all other shots do.

(Scott Dudash) #10

I’ve been using zwift for a few weeks now and I can’t figure out how to turn on the HUD. 

What am I missing?

(Bert Sandie) #11

Perhaps make a few static HUD screens that you can tab through - think of these as pages on your Garmin Device.  This would be easier to develop and provide some different options on what data riders see in the HUD.

(Roger Forsblom) #12

I agree would be nice to se.

(Ryan Baggs (LSRT)) #13

Suggest a % of ftp and current power zone option

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #14


You can press G any time to show a graph with your power zone and HR. 

It doesn’t show the percent of your FTP (and I agree this would be nice to have).

(Ryan Baggs (LSRT)) #15

Sorry, should of mentioned, I’m using the app. :+1:
The graph facility would be handy in the app too then

(Patrick Smith) #16

At least being able to turn on or off different elements of the HUD, or offer a minimalist version HUD,  would be nice.  If I’m riding a workout, I don’t always need to see who is riding nearby or the minimap.  Same thing if I’m just riding.  Sometimes it is nice just to see the actual world without the screen being cluttered.