customizable hud

(Joe Lanotte) #1

Was thinking alot about using this not just to ride or race others but for a training application. I see there are already data fields but it’d be nice if i could customize the way i desire. Think garmin edge but on display. If i had a means to program in my weight and ftp and have feedback as to what percentages i was riding in, thatd be pretty awesome. Zones, ftp%, etc, the more data for us dorks the better

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Are you, perhaps, thinking a bunch of “widgets” that you can arrange on the screen or turn on/off on the fly? So you could potentially have a zone widget, a leaderboard widget, an incline widget, etc…?

Might be cool but would take a lot of work. Good idea, though!

(Joe Lanotte) #3

No not really. I guess what id like are customizable data fields on the screen where the current ones are already that show power, watts, cadence, bpm. Im thinking of all the data fields the garmin edge provided. An on screen garmin edge is what id like. With options maybe to display up to 8 data fields of our choosing. Doesn’t have to be widget like at all.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #4

Yes, this would be nice (and similar to what Computrainer RM1 and ErgVideo do). I’d like to see average watts and kJ, for example. Basically, show up to X number of fields, and let the user choose which fields to show.

(Joe Lanotte) #5

Yes what he said. I really view this program not only as a means to ride indoors on a trainer in a virtual world but also as a tool for some serious training. I would really like to have the functionality of all of what my garmin does especially since i cant simultaneously pair my devices to it and my computer at the same time.

(Steve Paltzer) #6

@Joe Lanotte
The ANT+ wireless standard allows for one to many pairing. You should have no problem pairing your Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, etc… to Zwift and your bike computer (Garmin). I have been paring to both Zwift, and my bike computer (Joule GPS) for all of my Beta testing. Here is the same ride from both computers:

Joule GPS:


(Joe Lanotte) #7

well no kidding, i had a trouble with mine at first and assumed it couldnt be done. I’ll give it another shot. Still, it’d be nice if it were on screen as well.

(Steve Paltzer) #8

“One to many” pairing is just one of the advantages ANT+ has over BlueTooth 4.0.

Side not: If your Android phone does not have built in ANT+, you might be able to add it with a “USB OTG” cable and ANT+ dongle.

I already have the ANT+ dongle for Zwift and my USB OTG is in the mail, so I hope to see how well this works soon on an older Android Gingerbread phone.


(Paul McCombes) #9

A slight bit of thread necromancy, but I was just to put in some feedback and found this. I think having more numbers (particularly lap times, lap distance) in the HUD would be really useful and fun.

(Michael Henasey) #10

WoW is the perfect example for this. Lua script is used by WoW to build the interface/HUD and allows 3rd parties to do so as well.

I know that’s a major undertaking for Zwift but it would be so cool. Think of all the possibilities it would open for the Zwift modding community. Custom HUDs, an API, integration with so many things. 

Ah to dream…

But for now, it would be nice to allow us to clear some of the clutter with the interface today so we can see more of the wonderful world of Zwift. The constantly jostling of the Riders Nearby list is very distracting. Same with the leaderboard, even when its on Auto.

Zwift you have a wonderful game engine, let’s see more of it with less on-screen clutter! :slight_smile:


(Tim Schmitt) #11

I think was would be great idea too.  It could be as simple as making on of the blocks on the screen customizable so you can choose which data fields you want to see in it.

(Carl Philip Heimdal) #12

I actually assumed this would be a part of zwift once it was off beta. This would be a very useful feature, just like your garmin display is vital when you’re out riding power based. You want to be able to see averages, lap averages etc…