customizable data display and LAP button

(Carl Philip Heimdal) #1

Just like when you’re out riding, you want to be able to look at lap power, 3 sec power, lap time, etc. Wouldn’t it be possible to add first of all, a lap button to make analysis a heck of a lot easier? Also, customizable data display which is especially useful during workouts to see if your averages are good. As for now, I always use my garmin in addition to zwift, but it would be nice if that wasn’t necessary.

(Alexander Ep CVR (B)) #2

+1. Would like to see power on the bottom of the screen, ~ like I see it on the handlebars, top of TV is too high for my neck.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #3

How about a feature so we can hit a letter to make the screen data vanish, or maybe hit it once and one item disappears, hit it again and something else goes away until finally it is clear. Hit it again and all reappears like normal. That would be a goof feature.