Ability to customize performance data shown during a ride.

Currently, Zwift does not offer the ability to customize the data shown to the rider in real time. For example, if I want to track average power during a long climb, I need to use my Garmin. Riders should be able to customize the data shown on the screen, just like you can with a Garmin Edge.

That sure would be nice.


We need more options to make the UI (and that includes data fields as you suggest) match our needs.


If Garmin can do it on the bike computer, surely Zwift can do it on a PC!

This is a absolute must. Most of guys in event (including myself) ride far to hard to keep a place in a Peloton and totally overestimate their FTP. This ends up badly.

Live Average wattage or avg W/kg visualization is the next key feature for me. We can see it for FTP test, why not for event?    

I would like to be able to navigate thru different pre-defined data screen that I would have set to view them during my ride.  I use 95% of zwift for workouts, I have PerfPro which has all these workouts features.  

  • Interval average Watts, HR, RPM, NP, IF, TSS, etc.

If zwift focus their energy on making viewable data for the workouts they would get all of riders from Trainerroad and PerfPro.


Ability also to create Laps during rides… I could decide to ride 15 mins warm-up and then ride 45 mins in my Zone 2… if I could see my lap average I would know if I’m overdoing or not.