Ability to clear screen of all data

Would like the ability during the ride of clearing screen of all data and just enjoy view uncluttered with anything except you, the riders and the scenery.

A customizable HUD would be a better option, that way you can have as much or as little data as you want.


This is already possible by editing prefs.xml and adding:


This way you’ll only see other riders names above their avatar.

ugh…While there are many things possible by editing or adding code, for video game that costs $15 a month to login, we shouldn’t have to.



You are not alone! :alien:
Hopefully it will be released soon till then watch this:

Display All Kind of Data on your Screen = 1/0

I absolutely agree with all the above. The intrusion is a bit much in the middle of the screen. I do not mind it visible but would like to see it in the bottom left corner + it having a see through possibility.

The stats of all the other riders - I would love to be able to remove that - like as little as possible on the screen.

How do you make the edit in iOS?