Customizable HUD

Lots of great stuff, but 80% of the time I don’t need 80% of the stuff.

30 day PR List is worthless.  I only ride 5-10 rides over 30 days.  Most of the time the 30 day PR List is empty (–no data–), the list that shows me finishing 59th on the volcano climb could go.  Riders nearby when I’m just out for an easy ride by myself. 

Anyway depending on what I’m doing some info may be valuable and some may be unnecessary.  I would be nice to be able to toggle on and of parts of the display.  Even better you can let us move around the UI that’s left.

I would like to be able turn on and off elements of the UI.

Like we can now turn on and off the sliding 2D power display at the bottom of the screen…

We really need to be able to choose what UI elements are on the screen in game. The Zwift Mobile Link app is excellent and provides a lot of info. But much of that is duplicated in the game.

So we don’t need the big map at the top right. We don’t need the top left box with wattage, RPM, HR. We don’t need the top box with distance speed and time.

Riders nearby is still probably handy although it can be brought up in ZML it’s a little clunky and the mini leaderboard only appears when there’s a segment.

Being able to simply toggle these on and off from the in game menu would decrease screen clutter and enhance immersion.

…Or resize by holding down or mouse pressing down on a particular part of the HUD and it continues to cycle between enlarge and reduce size until it’s right then move onto the next one

I am using an iPad 2017, the gradient info is just too small for my eye, wish it can be resize specially on such a small screen. I need info about how far the hill is and how long the climb will be.

I don’t want a large portion of screen form riders close by, I don’t know anybody, some user might need it, wish it can be turn on and off.

+1. I’ve suggested it elsewhere but might be better in this thread - 1. Dimmable HUD.
2. Shrinkable HUD (no matter what i try with either TV settings or Apple TV settings, i cant see the current gradient / zwifters flags etc as they ‘bleed’ offscreen