Hotkey support to declutter HUD

I love riding with data and seeing who’s around me.

But sometimes I just want Zwift to be my happy place! The visuals are pretty good, and sometimes good enough that the HUD gets in the way.

Climbing is a good example, when you’re on ADZ and EK, the centre HUD is really in your face, and doesn’t contain much of relevance to the climb and stops you from seeing up the road.

It would be great if hotkeys could be used to declutter the screen, maybe one key for each of the 4 main elements (Power/HR/Cad), (Central HUD), (Map), (Rider List) and a main ‘remove/restore all’ toggle capability.

I think that changes like this are useful in acknowledging the different ways in which riders use Zwift and allowing the UI and HMI to evolve to meet those needs and present varied riding experiences without wholesale change.

It sounds like this is the thread you’re looking for: