HUD Visibility Options

I would love to be able to toggle only certain HUD elements, not just the whole HUD as either on or off. For example, there are times when I may only want to see the speed, distance, elevation gain, timer, level progress, and route progress. There may be other times I want to see that and the Zwifters Nearby list to follow messages. There may be times I just want to see my watts, cadence, and HR. In other words, instead of just toggling the HUD (with H on the keyboard) as either on or off, have the option to toggle different fields, each with a particular keystroke.

Suggested keystrokes in addition to those currently established:

  • L or 1 (not on keypad) – Leaderboards (left, below current efforts)
  • C or 2 (not on keypad) – Current efforts (top left) (i.e., watts, cadence, and HR)
  • R or 3 (not on keypad) – Ride progress (top center) (i.e., peed, distance, elevation gain, timer, level progress, drops, and route progress)
  • N or 4 (not on keypad) – Navigation/mini-map (top right)
  • Z or 5 (not on keypad) – Zwifters Nearby board (right, below mini-map)

This way, a Zwifter can have as much or as little data on their screens. Additional icons/buttons can be added to the action bar as well.

You might want to take your post over to this (long-running) thread:

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Thanks, @Nigel_Tufnel. Should I leave this here also or delete the thread?