Possibility to hide all stats/lists/maps from screen

It would be great to have an option to clear the screen of all stats/lists. When Companion is used all/most info is found there.

I find the workout displays at the top slightly large and intrusive. I love the immersion of the game and a hotkey to clear the display of everything except the world graphics would be great.

PS: Put the pop-up texts from WO’s and leaders at lower third NOT center of screen.

Yeah I recall asking for something akin to this ages ago. For me it was more about being able to take clean screenshots. That’s something the game engine already does automatically, so I’m sure it can’t be a huge task to optionally hide the UI.

Here’s my related post from 2015:



I’d love that. Sometimes you just want to get rid of the numbers and enjoy the ride.

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There is an app at zwifthacks.com that will allow you to enable the “Minimal UI” setting that does exactly that. I use it often. It is not hacking the Zwift executable code, but just changing preferences that are built into the game but not supported. Of course you use it at your own peril and no one will support any issues that arise as a result. But it is nice for choosing your own world, shutting off the intro music, removing the UI, etc. There are also ways to ride in “solo” mode with no other riders using other “methods.” In the worst case, you can come clean again by reinstalling Zwift. All of your levels and gear are stored in the cloud.


Thank Mike, I’ll give it a try.

This hack has been in place since 2016 from what i can see, the code is all there , how hard / much work can it be to implement UI for this ??!!! Just needs to be in same place on screen as Directions, ride on, Graph etc.

They have it in RGT / Road Grand Tours

I do note that if you use the hack to remove all the UI, you no longer get any powerups - or least when I tried it, I got no power ups eight times in a row when passing through banners (and no, I wasn’t on a TT bike!) which seems a little against the odds. Everytime I went through a banner, I checked the Companion App (which was what I was using to see my stats instead of the UI) and it showed no power ups at all.

When I use “<MINIMAL_UI>1</MINIMAL_UI>” I also get no powerups, and I can’t use the companion app to turn left or right, it only allows me to reverse.

Checking in to an old thread to say that I’d love this as well. The screen is way too cluttered. I don’t mind it for workouts but for long simple rides just to maintain my fitness level there is way too much on the screen.

I go for road rides to get away from all of the information overload - having the option to turn it all off and just grind would be great.

This would be great if Zwift could make this an option. I don’t want to get burn-in on my OLED…

See this:

It would be great to remove it from your tv screen and maybe to add some information like the climbing graph to your companion app. So you can choose to have it on your screen or on your companion app if you want.