Ability to go back to home screen from a RIDE - windows app

The ask is to have the ability to go back to home screen from a RIDE, currently the only option to go to the home screen is to exit the app, come back and I missed some events due to this as the starting loading time is taking quite a bit of time.

Would be nice to have another button (or a dialog question) if you want to exit the app or go back to home screen from a RIDE.


If you are already riding and want to join an event you can use the companion app to subscribe to the event (10min before the start) and then the join button will appear on screen and you can do the event.

Yes, that’s a feature I’m REALLY missing. If I want to do another ride after my current one or if I change my mind concerning the selected route or training all I can do is exit and restart Zwift. This should be much more smooth…
From my point of view there should be different possibilities if you end a ride via ESC:
-Save an exit
-Save and back to main screen
-Discard and exit
-Discard and go back to main screen

Or: the actual two buttons plus a checkbox “back to main screen”

The actual need for a restart is some kind of lame :wink: