Why can't we just go to the Event we signed up for on Companion rather than have to switch worlds?

I have been loving Zwift for years but one thing that baffles me though. I join an Event on Companion. On the home screen once my TT is paired it says I’m going to the Event. I click Ride and it takes me to a normal ride on another world. Then I have to yet again click ‘Join Event?’ despite I’ve already said I’m going. Why can’t we just go straight to the event rather than click again. It all just wastes my time as it takes another minute or so to switch between worlds.
Why not have a default of taking the rider straight to the Event they want to do and have an opt out there rather than have an opt in to the Event you want to go to once you have gone to a different world?
Or am I the only person that finds this annoying?
Ride On people. Ride On!

Hi @Richard_Stokoe, welcome to the forums.

Some people like to warm up before joining the race pens, so it is not always the case that you want to go directly to the event holding pens.

Good news for you though, looks like the new home screen will allow you to do this:

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Thank you MIke. Much appreciated!