Join events from home screen

Please let me know if this feature already exists and I just didn’t find it:
What I’m missing is a way to join an event directly from the home screen. In the upper right corner there’s a list of events and for the ones I registered for (marked GOING) there’s even a LEAVE button, but no GO TO button. I first need to start a ride, load a whole world and start warming up, until I see the JOIN EVENT button in the lower left corner. This is cumbersome when you have a slow internet connection and you’re late for your registered event, but need to load the whole Watopia just to join your event, which might take place in another world. Ride on!

Unfortunately, this is not an option, though I believe it has been requested a number of times previously. (Beyond the whole ‘load world, wait for Join button, go to event’ issue, it’s also not very intuitive to new users because the impression is given on the start screen that you can go to an even by selecting it.) Perhaps when the new UI is launched (later this month?) this will change, but at least for now the only option is to start a ride (though the Join button should show up immediately if you’re within 30 minutes of the start of an event for which you have already signed up) and then go to the event. Perhaps the only suggestion I could make (and I am not really technically savvy enough to know if this makes a difference, or not) would be to select the smallest world available to start, instead of Watopia. So if your choices are Watopia/France/Paris, pick Paris. Perhaps loading a smaller world would save at least a little time at start up.


The interface is due to be changed soon: Sneak Peek: Zwift's Updated Homescreen - Zwift Insider

This should hopefully make joining events from Zwift itself, rather than entering via the Companion app, possible.