Join Event missing since new update

With the update (using Zwift on AppleTV), new way to joint an event (on the upper right of the screen). Not a very good idea. The joint feature did not appear for two days, impossible to joint the ride selected. I’m a new user and I wonder how much time I will try before quitting.

Are you selecting an event and then expecting to be joined to the event directly? If so, that is not how Zwift works. If you want to join an event, you first need to select it (and doing this from the Zwift Companion app is, generally, the best way to do this. After selecting an event, you will start the Zwift game as though you are doing a free-ride. Then, once you spawn in whichever world you have chosen for your free ride, you should see a ‘Join Event’ button in the lower-left corner of the screen, if you are within 30 minutes of the event start time. (You may even get a pop-up on the screen asking if you want to join the event.) When you click on the ‘Join Event’ button you will then be transported to the start of the event.

If you are simply saying that the list of events is not appearing in the upper right of the screen, you may want to try force-quitting the app and/or reinstalling. I use Zwift on Apple TV almost daily and have never seen the event list not appear. (Be sure you that you don’t have the ‘ZA Tri Academy’ button toggled on.)

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I Nigel, no I tried to joint an event selected the day before, with Companion on my phone. When I enter Zwift, on the right I see kind of an orange flag saying Going, and when the event is about to begin (i think) I see Joint and then I can go down the screen and select Go (or ride, I don’t know because I use the French version).
The Joint function (feature) on the bottom left of the screen doesn’t appear anymore since I installed the update last saturday.

I forgot to say that the problem I experienced was that there was not Joint event anywhere. Nor on the right, as it happened tuesday) but not tonight.
There is no Joint event anymore on the lower left, as you mentionned.

Thanks anyway Nigel. I’m a business analyst and experiencing such a terrible app is really surprising and discouraging.

Well, it doesn’t seem as though anyone else is presently experiencing this issue, so it’s possible that there is something wrong with your set up, as opposed to with the program itself.

You mentioned that when the event is about to begin and you see ‘join’ on the right side of the screen, THEN you start your ride, but don’t see the ‘Join Event’ button. Is it possible that the event you wanted to join does not offer ‘late joining’ and that you just started to late? You should be in the game (that is, PAST the menu screen, on your bike and ready to ‘ride’) at least 5 minutes before the event starts. Then you should see the ‘Join Event’ button.

As I mentioned, I registered the day before.
Since the update, which I did saturday, there is no Join event button on the left side bottom of the screen.

Are you actively riding waiting for the join button?

Yes, that’s what I do.
It’s seems like I’m the only one on the Zwift planet who doesn’t see the Join event button on the bottom left side of the screen. :wink:

Seems to pop up in small numbers every 6 months or so.

No you’re not but per the thread I just posted about above, it happens to me rarely but others perhaps more often as well.

My suggestion is that when you know the event is coming up, do a warm-up ride for at least 10mins. If the “Join” button doesnt appear by 4minute mark, quickly re-join the event on your Companion App and you should get the join button pop-up then (well, it did for me at least).

You mean in the kind of “Game” screen that pups up at some point (after pairing everything). I will try that, though I would hope everyrhing go smoothly.
The swifters are like people owning a Volkswagen : experiencing all sorts of problems but loving rhe car anyway.
I’m getting tired of it. Thank you for your help Dean.

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Once you figure it out it is easy.

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I’ve been Zwifting for nearly 3 years and 30K miles now, and the recent issue with the Companion app is the first one I’ve had. Are there things that I wish were better or different? You bet. But, in the grand scheme of things the app still works really well. If you want to move to another platform, so be it. But we are trying to help you figure out your (seemingly fairly isolated) issue while only getting a defensive attitude from you.

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I use Zwift in PC, but I believe it is the same on all platforms - after pairing you can choose the world and route (or workout) you want to ride, start riding, the Join event button appears on the left side.

It depends - for me it is not a game, it is a training tool. Do not want ride indoor “against a wall”. And I enjoy the community.
Using a PC (not an expensive gaming machine) I never experienced problems, had one ride which did not save on Zwift servers.

Ride on!

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I think you overestimate the number of issues being experienced. Every day thousands of us experience a good, problem free experience. We only complain on the forum when something goes wrong.

I have done three events over the last three days, all were fine and the join button appeared every time. Also running on Apple TV.


Unfortunately, I downloaded the new version (last saturday) and the Join event button is no more at the bottom left of the screen.
The new way to join an event is causing me trouble.

I have seen and heard of people that get the join button only flashing.

But the notice at 5 min still shows.

Do you see going when you login on the Zwift app start page.

Yes I see Going (with a check mark).
Tonight I manage to join my activity…but I just don’t know how nor why. I took a picture of my tv screen with the countdown indicating 1 minute before activity but no Join event sitn or button anywhere.

Can you post the picture?

You know what I’m thinking now is your tv displaying the full picture or is it cutting of the bottom of the screen.

Do you see the menu button?