New ATV Home screen navigation use

On the new Home Screen, after a ride and save, how can I return directly to the new Home Screen? What my ATV (just delivered today 9/21/22), I’m forced back to the pairings graphic. Seems odd as I just finished a ride and everything should still be paired.

Despite us (ATV users) receiving the updated home screen, we still don’t have that feature to start a new ride without exiting the game.

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Has Zwift said we will never get that functionality? I mean, maybe it’s an interim deal.

I can’t remember exactly, I know it was mentioned somewhere in this forum but I can’t think of any specific terms to search for to find it. The feature has been around for a while on other platforms so there is some reason why it hasn’t or can’t be rolled out to ATV. Given it’s been so long I’m (possibly falsely) under the impression that if it could’ve been done by now it would have.

Be nice if Zwift would chime in. It’s hard to get factual info and only one Zwift employee ever responds to my questions.

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