Need to Re-Pair After a Ride - Android Tablet

When I end a ride and save (or delete) it, I am kicked out back to the initial pairing screen and must re-pair to get back into the home screen to select a ride. I run the game on a Samsung Tablet with Android OS. In other words, if I want to choose a new ride, route or world after finishing a ride, I am forced to start over at the pairing screen. Isn’t it supposed to return to the home screen and not exit all the way out to the pairing screen? Is there a fix for this?

Sadly not, there are other threads requesting this but at the moment it boots you out to the pairing screen when you save.

Ugh. Thanks Chris. This would not be the case for an iPad (apple os), correct?

not too sure to be hinest, i’ve never tried zwift on Apple products. I think iOS works the same as android but Mac is the same as PC

I can confirm that on iPadOS and iOS, when you end a ride you return to the login page and need to start from scratch and need to re-pair, etc. It’s always been like that on those devices. I’ve also found that those systems function less buggily if I force close the app between rides if I’m doing multiple rides the same day, as well as force closing at the end of the final session in a day. Fortunately Zwift starts up extremely quickly on those platforms and pairing is very rapid.

The return to the home screen is only quite recent on PC and Mac, IIRC.
Maybe when the new home screen is released for all devices, there might be a return to home without the need to re-pair for everyone. We can but hope.