Started group ride in wrong world, invited to return to different wrong world

Is this a bug? This morning I clicked to start a group ride event in France. Zwift said “Loading Makuri Islands” … loading … loading … loading … once in Makuri Islands, it said something like “switching worlds to France” … loading … loading … loading OK! Did the group ride, and at the end it said “Returning you to Innsbruck”. I cancelled that and remained in France.

Adding to this since its starting to be a theme …

Today I fire up Zwift, go to join a Vikings group ride in Watopia and get sent to New York first before landing in Watopia. I bailed and tried again, same result. Today’s group ride also had different worlds for the two options (C was Watopia and E was Richmond).

This issue was mentioned in the Maap thread (which also happened to me yesterday on the A Maap ride too, but not the (C) ride).

Same on the latest MAAP stage. Makuri>Paris

Couldn’t get a screenshot of my completion banner because the ‘returning to [world]’ thing popped up over it, asking if I wanted to go back to Makuri. :+1:

Yesterday did Zwift Classics but sent to New York at start when entering event from Home Screen (from clean start).

Today did Vikings group ride in Richmond and went to Watopia.