Can’t leave meet-up on iOS (joypad)

Can’t leave meet-up on iOS.
The button disappears as soon as it appears and is replaced with only the exit button

Hello @paul_martin_LDP

What is joypad? Are you talking about this joystick app? If so, third party apps like it are not supported by Zwift.

Sport that should have said Ipad


I checked your server logs and see you’re logged into the game from two devices at the same time: an iPhone13,1, and an iPad11,6. Concurrent login will create all sorts of problems

  • When you’re done Zwifting on mobile platforms, always force-close Zwift. Swiping into the background is not the same as force-closing an app. tvOS is considered a mobile platform in case you also have an Apple TV.
  • It sounds like your iPad is the preferred device? I’d recommend you choose one or the other device to run the main Zwift app, and uninstall it from the other.
  • You can run the Zwift Companion app on the iPhone for the functionality that adds to the basic app.

Would you try those things and see if your meetups work as expected?

I removed Zwift from my iPhone yesterday but had the same problem on a Meetup today


Are you seeing the blue "Quit Event’ button flash for a second underneath the orange “Menu” button? You see it flash, but can’t click on it before it disappears?

If this is what you’re seeing - it’s a bug that’s fixed in game version 1.53.2. Phased rollout for iOS starts Tuesday - please update in the App Store when it’s available to you and let us know if that solves it?

Yes that sounds like the problem. I’ll update and check later in the week.