Meetups accessible from main screen

Why not make meetup directly accessible from main login screen. When you have accepted a meetup it lists it in your activities and says “going”. Why not add a button “join meetup” instead of having to go to a world (watopia or Richmond) and then click “join meetup” from a ride.


Would not only make things much easier, but would also fix the bug where you don’t get the auto join button!

I get that bug too. The amount of meetups recently has increased because of lockdown and I’ve missed loads of starts because of that bug. You wait, expecting the “let’s join” button but it doesn’t show, you end ride, start a in and miss start. Grrr


I’d hope this is addressed as part of the UI update we know is coming (but delayed).

It’s just one of many ways in which the UI gets in the way of riding, rather than making it easy. But until we see what that update looks like, all UI complaints are a bit “let’s wait and see” I think. =)

It’s the same with races, group rides and other events. Not sure why.

Think this is a feature request though. You might find there other posts on the same topic in ‘feature requests’.

Isn’t the UI update just for Apple TV?

It’s due to be rolled out to Apple TV first, but it’s coming to all platforms.

I think the reason for Apple TV being first is that it’s the primary target for streamlining the UI. Using the ATV remote control to navigate Zwift is, I’m led to believe, a pretty horrible experience.

My only fear is that my making the UI easier to use on ATV, they remove things like keyboard control and other interactions that PC users can take advantage off. A lowest common denominator UI would be equally frustrating to people like me who would rather have more control and be able to remap keyboard shortcuts. (Like you can in pretty much every PC video game…)

Being able to move the UI around would be even better (again, as is possible in many games).