Can't join meetups - flashing button

Meetups that I have set up or others I want to join - I am logged in and riding fine, and when the “Join Meetup” button should show above the Menu button (MacBook Pro, BTW) the “Join Meetup” button flashes momentarily. I think this might be even more widsespread because I have the Companion app on my iPhone as well, and the “It’s time to join” (with the Join or Not Yet) should show up and does not on the companion either.

If I quit Zwift on the Macbook, and restart it (past the Exit button back to the OS, and relaunch Zwift) that sometimes makes it work properly. I found one the other night where 3 relaunches did not help. What did help was where the “Join Meetup” button was flashing, I just kept clicking rapidly and it got me into the meetup, but not exactly as expected.

BTW, have been using meetups for a long time, and this started occurring after the most recent update. (No MacOS updates, just the latest Zwift update caused it)

I get this on my Apple TV with more than 5 minutes till the start. But at 5 minutes to go before the meetup, I then see the button appear properly.

Unfortunately, this is totally new on the MacBook I’ve been using for 2 years now. Just started. And I finlly got into a meetup 3 minutes before the start by repeatedly clicking on where the button should be over and over till I guess I hit it right.

(I’m a software person IRL) and I maintain this one is definitely a bug…

Thanks for the report - I’ve created a ticket so we can investigate it.

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Hi, I’m on apple tv and this has just started happening to me. Guess its not fixed yet?

I totally second its a bug. I am using iMac M1 and its like whack a mole when I go into a meetup these days , and I dont get the opportunity to join until around 3 minutes in (companion doesnt show it) and it flashes but even if I hit it with my mouse until the button persists ie 3 minutes before the start I have to be on high alert. Rather painful experience I might add.

Sara Lance

Same issue here with my ipad. Been searching everywhere for a solution, but haven’t found anything yet. The “Meetup Starting” notice appears 5 min before meetup, so I join that way, but if I select “Not yet”, I have no way of joining later. Problem first appeared a few weeks ago (early Nov).

Hi! Yes, I have the same problem now since Monday. I am on an Apple TV. Never had this problem before. It makes it very difficult to join meetups. Even the reminder on CA does not pop up. Does zwift know what the problem is? Thanks

They are working on this. It is in the ticket system.

Is there a fix to the flashing Join meetup on a Mac yet? Happened to me in my last 2 meetups this week. One I caught the button an joined fine the one today I caught the Join button but was the only one in the meetup where there were several others not showing

Hi @James_Widrig and others reporting in -

We’ve had a difficult time reproducing this bug at HQ. It would help us see what’s happening on your computers if you’d be willing to email your game logs to us. This is something we handle offline by using the Contact Us link on

We want to see the log.txt file specifically for the session where you ran into this bug (the log.txt file is date & time stamped). Instructions to find the log files are on our Support Hub as well.

When you write in - please reference the URL of this forum discussion. Thank you.

I was having this problem all the time. Bout 2 months ago, I had to go to a new computer and the problem went away. But to try to help you, since other seem to have it:

When I saw it, I reinstalled the app, but it did not help (MacOS, latest BTW, on a 2019 MacBook Pro)

I keep a backup of my Zwift folder, so when I went to my new computer…

I installed the app (MacOS, of course)
I launched the app, logged in, and made sure I could pair, ride etc.
Shut down the app
Copied the newly created Zwift folder to “ZwiftOld”
Copied my saved Zwift folder from the other computer to the proper place on my new MacBook
Launched Zwift, and could pair, ride etc.
Never saw the problem again/since.

[personal info redacted by moderator]

I switched from a Mac to a Windows laptop and wiped the files from the Mac.

I get this same bug almost every week and so do others who join meetups. @shooj if you are still looking for log files I will send some over tonight if the issue happens again.