Can't join meetups - flashing button

Meetups that I have set up or others I want to join - I am logged in and riding fine, and when the “Join Meetup” button should show above the Menu button (MacBook Pro, BTW) the “Join Meetup” button flashes momentarily. I think this might be even more widsespread because I have the Companion app on my iPhone as well, and the “It’s time to join” (with the Join or Not Yet) should show up and does not on the companion either.

If I quit Zwift on the Macbook, and restart it (past the Exit button back to the OS, and relaunch Zwift) that sometimes makes it work properly. I found one the other night where 3 relaunches did not help. What did help was where the “Join Meetup” button was flashing, I just kept clicking rapidly and it got me into the meetup, but not exactly as expected.

BTW, have been using meetups for a long time, and this started occurring after the most recent update. (No MacOS updates, just the latest Zwift update caused it)

I get this on my Apple TV with more than 5 minutes till the start. But at 5 minutes to go before the meetup, I then see the button appear properly.

Unfortunately, this is totally new on the MacBook I’ve been using for 2 years now. Just started. And I finlly got into a meetup 3 minutes before the start by repeatedly clicking on where the button should be over and over till I guess I hit it right.

(I’m a software person IRL) and I maintain this one is definitely a bug…

Thanks for the report - I’ve created a ticket so we can investigate it.

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