Workout Refresh [October 2023]

Whoopee! Zoon???

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How do we see the contents of the workouts/choose between them? I have downloaded the zip, and uploaded the 10-12wk ftp builder folder, but in Zwift (custom workouts) all I see is the workout name and zone charts.

Assuming you are using either a PC or Mac, I when I said to see the file contents, I meant to really open the file on your computer file explorer with a text editor and see its content.

Thank you, yes I am on a PC. I will take a look.

Completely agree with this comment. As an iOS user, the new interface is very frustrating. If I want to find a workout that I used to know from which training plan it was in, there is no way to find it (other than whatsonzwift, and even that doesn’t always work), so a search function seems very important. I’m still trying to figure out which workouts have been deleted altogether. Would be great to have a way to upload the legacy workouts onto iOS without going through iTunes and a cable…which hasn’t worked for me to date. I also like others’ suggestion to have a “favorites” or “recent” folder.

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@shooj I noticed that the “Workout of the Week” workouts are no longer appearing. This is still the case in Zwift 1.50 too. Is this intentional, or an unintended side-effect of the workout library reorganization?

The Workout of the Week should be available again on your home screen. This was a specific problem with 1.49 version and not related with the workout library organization.

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Hear the customer voice! The new updates are a kind of mess and does not add value to us as a users.


There should be an easier way to download and run a ‘legacy’ workout.
Has anyone ever added the average watts to a workout segment or is it only on ftp tests?
Why can’t we have average watts?

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This is exactly what I appreciate about the change. In past it was a nightmare to find a workout that would fit my need for the day. Now it is much easier because these are grouped (endurance, threshold, VO2max, …).

I used to prefer TrainerRoad for that and pick attacking/climbing/endurance via TrainNow based on my training need and allotted time in given day but that is now not needed thanks to this change :+1:.

I wish that future iterations will allow to filter also per time and difficulty (TSS/IF?).

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For us non computer types this update sucks. I have just spent hours, literally hours, trying to import files to a pc, installing zwift on the pc, and for what? the old workouts are still not there. Zwift has just severely decreased my enjoyment of this app.


This could be done with a filter or a tag. This change has destroyed structured training based on a plan

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Thanks for resetting my training plan progress with this update, Zwift. Well-thought-out update, really. This was the last drop in the sea of disappointing updates and poor overall quality. Time to check out MyWhoosh.


It’s now just a platform for free rides and ad-hoc workouts rather than structured training. I’ve been on Zwift since the Jarvis Island but unlikely to stay in the absence of a proper selection of structured training plans.

Good timing from TrainerRoad to finally get their new training plan tools almost launched!


The is by far the worst zwift ‘enhancement’ since in many many years. If workouts weren’t hard enought to find and organise before, then they are now.

Why not look to other plaforms that do this properly like Trainerroad or Xert. You can list, search and filter to find workouts, and you can filter and search on different platforms (win, android, etc).

From the home screen it doesn’t appear to respect tags like , so folders with a lot of workouts are all messed up, eg. the existing GCN workouts which were carefully organised.

Also, do Zwift, or ‘will you Zwift’ please publish and maintain a user guide/wiki for the workout tags.


Apologizing and updating my rant: The zwift workout file is in my computer under “my documents”, not in the zwift program files. Found that info out on zwift insider article.

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Is anyone else disappointed that Zwift has eliminated all the multi week training programs. It was so easy when following a program just to get on my bike and not be thinking each ride what to do. I could also watch my progress over the length of the total weeks. I’d like them back !!!


I’m sorry that you are disappointed with the change.
This question goes out to you and all others that have complained about it.
You claimed that Zwift has eliminated the multi week training plans, but you can access some of them via Training Plans like it was detailed here
You can either follow the training plan in the correct order or select specific workouts to do in the order you prefer.

It was so easy when following a program just to get on my bike and not be thinking each ride what to do. I could also watch my progress over the length of the total weeks. I’d like them back !!!

The question is, what is missing in the training plans for you not to be able to use them?

there is no correct order. don’t you understand it? it’s alphabetical. structured training alphabetically?
are you a coach?

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Sorry but you are wrong. The training plans order is not alphabetical. It is based on the specific order defined in the plan.
The plan that you pointed above has the wrong order in Week 4, but that was already correct ahead of version 1.51.
If we have any more examples of plans with the wrong order please let us know.

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