Workout Refresh [October 2023]

Exciting changes are coming to the Workout Library! We designed new collections to help you pick your next workout based on your fitness goals. There is a whole new look and feel that we hope you will want to check out.

Be sure you are on the latest game build to see the new refreshed workout library!

The comprehensive list of individual workouts has slimmed down, as some are structured very similarly to others. Is one of your favorite workouts missing? No worries, you can download the ZIP file here (2.6 MB)
that contains the legacy workouts. Not sure how to import a ZWO file? Check out this article here or this how-to video.

  • These are the legacy workout collections that were removed in Zwift game version 1.49. As an example - the Pebble Pounder workout collection is gone, but Zwifers will still be able to access the Pebble Pounder training plan via the plans section.

  • After you download the ZIP file - unzip it to your PC or Mac.
  • Within each workout collection folder are individual workouts as .ZWO files.

  • Once added to your Zwifting PC or Mac - workouts will sync with iOS / Android / Apple TV devices.

Want to learn more about the workout library refresh or what changes you can expect to see, check out the FAQ here.


I like the new categories, so overall think this is a good addition. Still wish there was a way to mark certain workouts as favorites and have a section to just see your favorites. Also would be good to have a folder that shows your most recent workouts, if you’re a creature of habit as I am, that would help.


And a search by name box!
But I do think this update is good.


Zwift could do better to make your suggestion really easy. But until they do are you aware it is easy to ‘Tag your Workout’ with any name you wish, for example FAVORITE and/or RECENT.

This way your Favorite and Recent workouts will be right at the top of your Custom Workouts list.


WOW this new categorization is terrible. Please return the structured plans, with the plans it was easy to keep a structured training plan without putting too much thought into what needed to be selected. Just select a workout, then stick to it. Please return the structured workouts to Zwift. Additionally, after importing the single-track slayer, it all comes in alphabetical order. not even in chronological order.


So what am I supposed to do now that I’m 6 weeks into a legacy structured program? What are the instructions for downloading legacy programs to Apple TV? I wish they had been kept as an option


The categories are excellent. I especially like the color coded 5 zone categories. For example, one could easily create Orange Theory type workouts.

I do not like this change at all. You should have at least kept some of the old collections, like the GCN ones or Hunters Challenge. I don’t have a Zwift capable PC or MAC, I use an Android tablet for Zwift. How can I import the legacy collection? Can I still do individual workouts from a training plan like Build me up, without signing up for the whole plan? Also, a search function should be TOP priority!


No problem with the new categories but I miss the structured workouts!


You would have to do the workout uploads on a PC/Mac version of the app. Then restart Zwift app on ATV after waiting “a while”. At least this is how I’ve done it in the past. Which was a while ago so YMMV. Good luck!

Hi Everybody,

Until yesterday, I was training on the 10-12 wk FTP Builder plan (week 8), but today, I can’t find it in the plans window. It seems this plan is not available anymore :frowning :frowning:

Are you aware of any bug on this ?

Kind regards,


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My initial reaction is that the workout library refresh is certainly a step in the right direction - much cleaner - and is how I organise my personal/custom workout collection.

Thank you for providing the legacy workouts as a .zip, that is useful! … but in having a quick look through the new collections, some of the good/‘go-to’ sessions are already included so good to see.

For feedback, @manda_F please can you pass on that:

  • Can the ‘Stress Points’ please be shown on the workout card (along with the time and difficulty rating). This was fed back when this concept was initially pitched.

  • The ability to Favourite a workout and the ability to search for a workout by name would also be very useful.

Thanks :+1:


I don’t get it.
You took some of my favorite workouts off?
What a dumb idea. Fire someone immediately.


Being on both TrainerRoad, and here on Zwift, I have often been frustrated by the haphazard way the workouts were organized here on Zwift. Looking for a workout for a certain zone was damn near impossible. Each folder had workouts that could work, but spending so much time searching for a workout/ride to do was tedious and a tremendous waste of time. I ended up, after doing a workout I liked, making a copy of it, and either just keeping it where I could find it again, or cloning it and tweaking the demand, making it spicier, or blander. I really value(ed) that feature. (I hope that capability hasn’t been axed)

Zwift workouts were not ‘organized’ in anything close to the definition of the word. It’s sad that workouts were ‘disappeared’, but workouts ‘reorganized’ in a more sane manner is a good thing. (People don’t normally like change, but give it a few months, and it might seem like a good idea.


Where did the plan go? I’m recovering from brain cancer and this plan is the basis to my steady improvement in ftp and vo2 max.

Stuartphall team stages


Hi @Francois_Dufond and @Stuart_Hall_Team_Sta welcome to Zwift forums.

Please see the first post upstream. The workout plans you’re looking for are available to download in the ZIP file. You can import the workout ZWO files to a PC or Mac running Zwift, and those will sync to Apple TV, iOS, and Android devices.

Zwift is making a HUGE assumption that everyone has a PC or Mac running the app. I know that I do not (only an iPad and ATV). So, if any of the workouts I liked are gone, there’s no way to get them back. And trying to create workouts inside of Zwift is frustrating, because you can’t make intervals shorter than 30 seconds.

A heads-up that the change would be coming in a future release would have been good, so folks could be prepared. Especially those in the middle of a training plan that has now been ‘disappeared’.


I don’t like these kind of “too bad for you” comments.
“But if you know how to rewire a computer, zip this, download 80 files, then turn them into newts and unzip them all without deprogramming all your vital zwift files, then you can get them back and running.”
I didn’t know that I would have to go to computer school just to do a workout I planned for the whole month of October.
Nothing “exciting” about this!


Aren’t the plans still there on demand under the “Plans” tab? I haven’t looked yet to confirm.