Malicious use of Flyer Reporting? Cone of shame! [September 2023]

Did you get flagged as you went under an arch? If so, that’s a known - unfixed and unexplained - bug.

I think it happened under the downtown start/finish banner in Watopia both times, so that’s very interesting! Didn’t have the same issues during the z2 rides I did in Makuri over the same 2 weeks. Any intel about whether the bug is Watopia-only? Thanks so much for the response!

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It may (or may not) be a problem with that specific downtown banner. Certainly the other time I saw this issue it was at that same spot.

Wild speculation: it’s maybe because multiple routes start and finish there. Either you do a loop and the game thinks you did a longer one too fast. Or maybe the two overlaid finish lines cause the game to think you’ve started and finished the lap in the same moment. :man_shrugging:

I suspect all of these recent reports are the same bug. @DavidP there is something about this banner or segment that is causing problems.

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Yes I believe so. For now it appears to be something related with Watopia Hilly Route reverse. Someone is already investigating, but can’t say much more at the moment.


Yesterday i got heptic feedback on Zwift Plays passing every banner in Paris - Lutece Express Route is that some new Future i can’t recall it was happening before?

have seen it before a few years ago where most of the field were coned from a race that had a custom finish at the top of the radio tower, i believe when they were on or approaching the radio tower themselves. custom finishes may be involved, though i wouldn’t know what else to look for. as you say, pretty isolated

Also could apply to those doing steady 5.5w+ for 39 minutes on Alpe du Zwift. Would be nice.

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I did Hilly route forward and then reverse today. My reverse time was only 13:43 and I got flagged going through the arch to finish the lap. Bummer to get stripped of both KOMs and the forward loop jersey, too.

Power source: Garmin Rally pedals that read 2-3% higher than my KICKR V5, as expected for drivetrain losses

Just saw this ‘one in a million’ event happen to someone right after a Hill Climb race on Hilly KOM Rev. a minute ago. Maybe it’s tied to a specific route or banner?

Even the ride leader got coned.

this is a pretty obvious bug, hoping @shooj has flagged it up to the devs?

Yes we’ve already seen a response above

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I ran into a strange issue today during my ride in Watopia - doing nothing crazy, maximum watts were 651 W with a 283 W average, and yet as I finished the Hilly Loop KOM, my ride was flagged with the “Uh oh” warning message. I saw someone else in front of me who also looked to have been flagged as well. Thinking maybe this was an issue with the Hilly Loop KOM, I exited Zwift and repeated the same loop two more times, but I could not get it to show again. I started with a pace partner so I’m not certain if this may have had any impact on this issue at all. In any case - the ride details are public (please see ride ID 1445955905488158752) and you are certainly welcome to review the data as needed. I also dual-verify all of my rides with separate power meters, so I can verify the recorded data if necessary.

There is a bug with the downtown banner, is that where you got flagged?

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That is exactly where it happened to me, yes :slight_smile:

UPDATE October 3
We’ve identified a solution and will update this thread with an ETA for a patched game release.


Saw this today on a free ride. Came in a few minutes ahead of the current best time but far from fast, no crazy max power anywhere.

Hi folks, this issue was resolved in Zwift game release 1.50. If you experience any further instances of this issue, please let us know here.


Was hoping this would fix the other issues related to that finish banner. When you go through that banner in the Hilly Loop reverse direction you get the Hilly Loop timer and leaderboard showing even though you’re going the other direction. Happened to me last night on Two Bridges Loop and I was on 1.50.