Wrongly flagged as cheater

I rode for one hour today and took it easy because I did not have time to ride this week, anyway, there was a group of bikers that were closing in at the start of a flat portion and I went all out and they were not able to pass me during that 10-15 seconds burst and one of the riders flagged me as a cheater. I guess this guy cannot believe that someone can keep up with him, big moronic ego… That really pissed me off… That’s it, I said it and I feel better already. This said I really enjoy Zwift training, keep on riding everyone!

Hi  Jocelyn

I cannot understand why you were flagged for hitting the power during the passing of another group.

How is that cheating?

Cheating in what way, for what gain, for what purpose?

Sounds like someone was below normal form and needed an ‘out’ to explain lack of performance.

Ride On Jocelyn!  :slight_smile:

Ive never seen a way to flag someone? And why would I? How would I know that someone is cheating? I agree with you - when someone comes from behind I often pour it on to fight them off. It’s the main reason to ride in zwift or WITH another rider or two. They make me push my limits.

ARE you Zpower Rider? and did you  get the cone of shame?

It’s impossible that one rider could mark in some way another rider as a cheater in the game. After game it’s possible only to inform zwiftpower.com (not Zwift HQ) about possible cheater. If cheating really exists, the rider is calling for Zada approval.

The mobile link allows you to flag a rider very easily.  Maybe too easily in this case.


No in-game action will happen if your flag someone as a Flier using the ZML, it just sends a message to Zwift to look into the user.

Agreed.  Just thinking it’s too easy to start the process…

this isnt the place to cry

jocelyn, just wondering what wattage/wkg u were putting down during that 10-15 sec