Obviously cheating rider, does flagging work?

I flagged a rider doing 400W dead even whose gone over 150km already on his current ride, but the options in the Companion app don’t make sense. Is this what is called a “flier”?

If 5 people flag someone then they are removed. This works for races at least.

If it’s free riding, they aren’t really cheating (except for claiming badges, course access, drops, bikes and gear etc. in a fraction of the time others are forced to). And zwift doesn’t care.

If it’s a race, you can flag them, and notify zwift or raise it here and zwiftpower forum. And zwift doesn’t care.

I guess fliers and cheaters have rights too!

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cheating is cheating, though.

My advice? ignore racing on Zwift, there are too many cheats and as long as they pay their subscription Zwift don’t give a f**k

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