Flag blatantly dodgy riders/rides

I rode up the Alpe du Zwift today, pushed on a bit to clock just under 50 minutes. The leader of the timed segment during my session got a time of 32 minutes. They blasted past me with a 7.2w/kg by their name.

Plenty of nearby zwifters commented this was blatant cheating, so there should be a way of flagging this in-game.

You can flag them with this form …

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Yes you can use the companion app to flag a user.


Oh, how do you do that?

click on their name in the companion app, use the nearby zwifters page, and if I recall correctly there is a big orange button that has a flag icon on it, or it says flag.


This is the opposite of sandbagging, right? Can you flag someone for something like this in a non-race event?

That is what I said in my post, you can flag them in the companion app.

Sorry, that’s not what I meant. Is there actually a penalty or sanction that taken against an offender if they ‘cheat’ in a non-Race (eg. group ride)? Mind you, I don’t know if OP was in a race or a ride; just curious

Yes Zwift will investigate and the person can get a “cone of Shame” (search cone of shame).

Looking at the language the OP used it can be assumed that it was a free ride.

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Was just a free ride. I’m going 4.5w/kg and this guy blasts past at over 7. My companion app is always failing so I’d probably have struggled to flag it anyway.

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Always use the companion app flag rider feature.

I think you flag them as “flier”. Hopefully a number of other people will do this too and the rider will get the cone of shame.

I’ve seen this a lot also on the Epic KOM. I’m riding both ADZ and Epic KOM every day. When you are riding at real 4.0w/kg or more then seeing these folk on “smart trainer” zooming past with 7.7w/kg easily, that is dodgy.

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It could have just been a bad set up or un-calibrated trainer. Not everyone is guilty of cheating, they might just have no idea that a constant 7.2 w/kg is inaccurate.


Its not like Zwift dont have bugs that cause this problem too!

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when we start getting into impossible numbers it should not be a case of flagging zwift should just end the session. Having to rely on users to manually flag stuff that zwift could easily deal with automatically is just making a lot of work for riders to flag and support staff to investigate


They actually do have that in the game. Zwift would cone riders that ride over X watts for X time. They also flag rides for completing certain segments under X minutes.

Well this time of 33 minutes up the Alpe seemed to be on the leader board for quite a long time

It lasts an hour.

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that’s good to know wonder if there is more that could be done. maybe hide riders from others could be a good next step.

That I agree with totally, same as the guy doing 3.6w/kg non stop without any pause for 600km. End their rides without saving.

He appears to have gone, haven’t seen him since.

Seeing some guy keep going with impossible numbers doesn’t help motivation.

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I flagged a rider as a flier a couple weeks ago while riding Ventop. First time I’ve done so.
The rider held 4.7 steady for over an hour.
France was off schedule so there were few riders so I was able to see him on the rider list for a long time.
It wasn’t the absolute power that caught my eye but it was the complete lack of variability.
Afterwards, I thought could someone in ERG mode have completely steady power or maybe a test bot testing new climbing frames/wheels?
I guess it’s possible to see some avatars on not fully appreciate what is happening.

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