KISS Community League Races

Today I watched Leandro Messineo get the cone yet again in a big race (The second time this week actually) because his time was too fast. Two weeks ago he wasn’t the only one either, I think there were over 20 people who were coned. Please fix this problem, it is frustrating to watch and I assume even more frustrating when you are the one coned for no good reason.

GRRRR! I KNOW! The best racer in Zwift and they will push him away because he’s too strong for their programers.


Correction: he was flagged by fellow racers and did NOT get tripped by the Zwift auto-cone, this time. For a verified rider, I think, this is even worse!

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Sounds like a broken system. I would like to know how it is possible for random riders to flag and cone a verified rider? I would also like to know who sent in the complaint so that it can be determined if it was done maliciously.


Anyone can flag anyone. Being a “verified rider” does not exempt one from being flagged.

Welp they better do something about that because there is nothing stopping trolls or poor sports from abusing that.

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I don’t think flagging someone will give them the cone though, not in my experience anyways.

It should be easy enough to test out. I will ask someone to flag me this afternoon when I get on the turbo.

See section: “The Cone of Shame”

Well a rider who didn’t do anything was flagged and coned in the middle of a race. Working as intended? Totally lame.

Shouldn’t the system be that the ride can complete the ride and then if flagged it is reviewed at the end of the race? This would prevent racers from unfairly being ejected and having their race ruined. It does seem odd that a verified rider could be flagged, what’s the point of being verified otherwise? It’s meaningless.

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“Verified” is with regards to power (wattage). I believe the 20min threshold is > 5W/kg and the 5min threshold is > 6W/kg. After ZADA or whomever verifies your power numbers are legit, you become verified. Again, “verified” does not exclude you from being flagged. It probably prevents you from being auto-flagged as a flier by the system if Zwift has implemented such automation. However, you can still be flagged manually by other riders for things other than being a “flier”.

Were are not talking ZADA verification. ZADA fell apart months ago. He is ZWIFT verified and a rider that has ridden for a current UCI pro team this year. His 20 min is around 6w/kg and 5 min is around 7 w/kg.

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I know ZADA fell apart back in January. I also read that Zwift pumped some cash into ZADA / CEVA-Z for the KISS League(s). However, I cannot seem to find that source material again.

Regardless of whether he is CEVA-Z verified in terms of power or Zwift verified (pro cyclist, pro triathlete, Prime Minister, President, 5 star chef, etc…), nowhere have I seen that it precludes being flagged.

How many flags does it take to get someone ejected from a race?

Seven I believe.

Like @S_ticky_KRT I believe it takes seven flags to get ejected.

I’ve heard it takes 7-15 riders reporting a competitor to cone them. Check out the start of his video to show his Kickr and Quarq are reportly correctly within accepted tolerances. To me this just sounds like a bunch of sore losers abusing their power since they don’t have the legs to beat a superior athlete. Also a case of Zwift doesn’t know what world class athletes are truly capable of when they go full gas. Maybe they should use some of the $120m and invest in an advisor that has world tour experience with climbers and GC guys.

After calibration he went on to win a 100km race.

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