Zwift verified rider still gets cone?

(Johnathan) #1

A pro, with the Zwift check mark got a cone this morning. I thought once you were verified, you bypassed the cone of shame.

(-) #2

Mate Wiggo Webber from the US is posting rides with 340w ave and a HR of 135 bpm ave, :joy: oh yes he says he is 63.

The system isn’t perfect, but it is a great training tool.
So in the words of my friend Matt H Just Keep Pedaling

Cheers Gary

(Lin) #3

If the “cone of shame” is what happens when you get flagged in game, then being verified will not exempt you from it. Last I checked, you can flag a rider for bad language, harassment, or ridiculous wattage.

(Johnathan) #4

The cone of shame is typically for pro or above level wattage or for beating the hard coded segment times. I’m pretty sure you only get removed from an event if enough riders report you.

You can watch it happen here. Regardless, it shouldn’t have happened in this case. This IRL pro rider, has tripped the hard coded times multiple times, so I think something needs to be corrected in the system.

(i van) #5

Agreed. Verified riders should be able to bypass the wattage limits on segments. I’ve also seen that happen to Leandro multiple times and I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be to go all out only to be told you pushed too hard :sweat_smile:

(i van) #6

There’s 9 riders getting flagged in the community league.

(Johnathan) #7

There is the end of the first lap where they all got coned.

(Pedro Errecart) #8

Pretty embarrassing for zwift, uh??

(Johnathan) #9

Certainly not ideal.

(Vincent) #10

What triggers the cone? Is it a set time through a segment or lap? Is it a power in raw watts?

Zwift must realize that there are in fact pro riders racing and that even some non pros that are extremely fast. When you have a sizable group of these riders working together and able to push 600-900W uphill and do it repeatedly the cone times need to take it into account. It sure does not seem like it right now. This needs to be disabled for these big races or adjust the times accordingly.

(Johnathan) #11

There are multiple ways to trigger a cone but the simple way to explain it is what Zwift would call an “inhumanly possible effort”. The only problem is, between game physics and to my understanding none of them have ever raced at the level of some of the folks using Zwift, they don’t understand what is actually possible so many top riders get cones during zwift races, whether they are Zwift verified or not.