Green cone made me faster?

I am barely a B rider at 3.2-2.4Wkg. The last two Beta Crits I entered I got dropped from the lead group, expected, and picked up the second group which ride more at my Wkg so at least I can keep up. The last two Beta Crits I did I got coned while sitting in the second group. The first time I figured my power would be throttled so I just fell back to group 3 but continued. Seemed ok, not really any harder. Today with 5 laps to go I got the cone again but just kept going like I didn’t get one. For some reason it actually seemed easier not harder, like I could put out more watts for the same effort than less watts. My race numbers look inline with my other races nothing heroic or even unusual so I have no idea what is going on. If anyone knows how this cone thing actually works please comment.

I dont think the formulas have been revealed, and they have definitely been tweaking it since it debuted a while back. Hopefully one day we will get an idea of how Zwift determines you are over the category limit.

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