Cone - Beta testing-Needs serious work

Hey HQ and fellow racers

Was all excited to get on for a beta race and shame some riders that got coned. Well to my surprise I was one that got coned. As a B I was working hard to hang with the front group. 2 laps to go I got it.
Post race shows 4.47 for 1min and 3.69 for 5minutes. Hardly close to A numbers. I soft pedaled the remaining miles to not impact the race as a ‘cheater’.

Those are raw watts on your post ride screen, not w/kg. What is your weight?


Yeah, if your weight is 75kg (which I think most smart trainers use as a base weight) then your 20 min power means you put out 4.64w/kg which puts you squarely in the A category.

Edit: I see you are listed as 220 lbs which is just under 100kg so I am not sure what is happening. Unless your 1 min power put you over the edge and got you coned.

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Nice compilation here! Thnx for sharing.