Level up! Alert in race!

Hi all
Just took part in ZHQ Beta Crit race and got a warning that it looked like I was cheating with too high a power output and that I should “level up” I was in Group A and certainly wasn’t winning! The app then dropped my power by 150watts!

Looking at my power for the laps I rode (5 laps Before I was Auto-doped) it was totally normal, average 300watts. By the end of the 12 laps my average would have been a tad lower as I tired.

Power meter was working fine with no weird overly high readings, anyone else had this issue?



These beta races are where they are testing the anti-sandbagging features. Seems kind of strange they would worry about the A cat races, since there is no where else to go from there…

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It is, but it’s been happening happening since the first beta races (saw it happen in a live stream).

Ah well a bit annoying but if it’s happening to others then that has set my mind at ease, thought it might be a problem with my set up.

I wouldn’t rule that out, there could be an issue and is why you got coned. What power meter are you using, trainer, etc… As I understand it, these beta races are measuring numerous data points to look for suspicious behavior. I think it is mostly 1, 5, and 20 minute power readings, anything over a certain level results in the cone above your avatar and the messages that you need to level up.

I’m using a 4iiii precision but I’d expect to see huge power spikes on the stats if they take occasional power samples, but my highest was only 484watts so pretty low for a group A race. It’s good they’re trying to do something about the cheaters though, just not there yet.

Yeah, needs tweaking I suppose. I haven’t tried one of the beta races yet, wonder if I would get coned too. I’m right at the top of the C cat and have pretty good 1 minute power.