Anti-sandbagging system query

Hey, I rode a race earlier today with the green cone system and got coned just over 5 mins in. I am a cat C racer and Im always just within limits of that, but today I was pushing 3.7w/k for those first 5 mins and got coned.
That was actually 321 watts, versus my zwiftpower usual/ avg of 305 watts for 5 mins. Is that a sufficiently large deviation to merit a cone and, if so, what is the rule at which point the cone is activated?

Im assuming its 5% over your usual power curve based on my own data, is that correct?

IMO its a bit of a joke because the race was just about to quieten down a little as the gap had been made and Id almost certainly have averaged within the limits of my usual power curve for the race as a whole. Still, I get its an attemt to fix things, but maybe still needs work

Zwift should announce what the new rules are.
Hey, I give credit to Zwift, they are developing a whole new E Sports world, competitive and noncompetitive.
Growing pains are expected.
The 20 min FTP categories proved less than perfect with several areas of shortcomings identified.
Post the new rules and we will adapt.
NASCAR can do it and I’m sure we can too.

  1. Continue to develop the mechanics of the game, make it reflect IRL performance.

  2. Tweak the rules to get the community performance that is desired.

  3. Enforce your own rules. Don’t make your rules “suggestions”.

yeah all good suggestions

I think they should be, and I imagine its possible, a combination of both your FTP but also your track record in placings at a given category

This latter part is absolutely crucial - there are tonnes of riders out there “cruising” around at much less than they can actually push, staying within the limits easily, then dominating the finish. A quick look at the placing records for people who have won races Ive entered demonstrates this clearly.
And, afterall, that is how promotion between categories works in real life, so why not here?

And, to make matter worse, havin posted the above I just got promoted to cat B, now for a couple of months of either riding at my FTP wattage just to sit in the second group on the road or dragging my sorry ass around at the back end of races!

The guy who developed the anti-sandbagging code admitted it is hugely flawed and has now left the company.

I hope it never gets out of beta because it is putting lipstick on a pig. Please see my post in the feature request section for rankings-based matchmaking.


Could you flesh out that news? I wasn’t aware of that.

Gone to work on Apex Legends:

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Thanks Dave. For the comments specifically regarding him creating the anti-sandbagging measures and it not being fit for purpose, see here:

He also states that a rankings/results based system is the way forwards.


I won my anti-sandbagging race today. In C category with a 3.6wkg and I sandbagged the sh*% out of the race. Ultimately the top 10 results after removing the green cones in C category were all over category limits.

Anti-Sandbagging is broken.


you mean you won on zwift results but not zwiftpower results then?

Zwiftpower is a sticking plaster. Shawn didn’t break any of Zwift’s rules.

I underdstand both those points, however Zwiftpower has the potential, now its owned by zwift, to be more than a sticking plaster. And the fact Shawn didnt break Zwifts rules is rather the point of this thread isnt it? Im pretty sure that is exactly the point that he himself was making with his post…

Point is I am clearly not a C but I was able to hide in the front group to win the race without getting the green cone. Anti-sandbagging is not working as intended.

As for Zwiftpower, it already has me logged as a higher category so it better disqualify me. Zwiftpower’s edited results are working as intended, but really makes no difference if you are in the middle of the race.

Edit Does Zwiftpower even matter since the race was under 20 minutes?


Also, why is there not a topic for Anti-sandbagging in the Futureworks forum?