Anti-sandbagging system query

Hey, I rode a race earlier today with the green cone system and got coned just over 5 mins in. I am a cat C racer and Im always just within limits of that, but today I was pushing 3.7w/k for those first 5 mins and got coned.
That was actually 321 watts, versus my zwiftpower usual/ avg of 305 watts for 5 mins. Is that a sufficiently large deviation to merit a cone and, if so, what is the rule at which point the cone is activated?

Im assuming its 5% over your usual power curve based on my own data, is that correct?

IMO its a bit of a joke because the race was just about to quieten down a little as the gap had been made and Id almost certainly have averaged within the limits of my usual power curve for the race as a whole. Still, I get its an attemt to fix things, but maybe still needs work