Tonight's Crit Race & Cat Enforcement

Just finished a Crit Race (7:00 pm Pacific time start). Had a BLAST! But I have to ask about Cat enforcement:
In Cat C there was an obvious sand bagger. Otherwise it was a very balanced field. Out of curiosity I looked at the other Cat’s (I’m Cat C) and there is a noticeable standout in Cat D; the infamous triple threat: Height and Weight doping along with entering the wrong category. In fact their w/kg would have placed them closer to the top of B Category.

The racing is usually improved. I pretty much finish about where I belong. Occasionally I get lucky and place high either due to luck, strategy, or an extraordinary effort - in other words I just wanted to share a few positives without sounding too critical - things “feel” better (but do note that I don’t race as frequently).

So I guess my question is what is “Cat Enforcement”? Are these two dudes getting their results erased? A nasty message? Can I write them the message? :wink:

Event id 2942280?

ZHQ FutureWorks Circuit Race - Anti-sandbagging?

It’s listed as Anti-sandbagging so that’s different from Category Enforcement. Anti-sandbagging is the old system that’s been in beta for years (and quite frankly, should be put out to pasture now in my opinion) and is the one where you might get the green cone of shame that is supposed to reduce your speed.

Their results won’t be erased and they won’t get a message. If you want to write them a message I suggest something non-confrontational that won’t get you shadow banned by Zwift because apparently cheating is cool but pointing it out is bad.


Yeah, the old Anti-Sandbagging feature is not longer on those events

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This sounds like a stragger that we’ve missed.