5.9wkg bot on all ToW rides not getting coned! How?

How is a bot cruising all the ToW stage 1 rides for 3 days not getting coned and banned from Zwift??

Have you reported them? Remember to include three examples.



Reported them where/how? As you can see - there are quite a few examples!

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I was being sarcastic. It shouldn’t take you to spot and report this.

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Well that was my point in reporting as a “bug” - i.e. Zwift should be able to flag this automatically (a rider that followed him in my event actually did get coned doing less power - which makes no sense!) - I thought that they did/could. But thanks for the reporting link anyway - I have now reported it.

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You would think so, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately there seems to be a large gap between what they claim to be able to detect and the reality of what actually happens. The reality is that it’s almost totally reliant on reports from users, which shouldn’t be the case.

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He’s still going. He’s doing this to every ToW ride. 25 events now. Zwift seriously - come on!!


26 ToW events and counting . . .

Can you stop 27th??

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I’m here for you posting a new comment every hour until resolution. That’s my Saturday night booked.


If you can find him on the companion app flag him as a flier, if enough people do that he will get conned.

Reported in companion app as ‘something else’. Can’t see where to do ‘Flier’. To their credit, they are making it clear what they are doing with their Surname.


I flagged him in my event but I’m not joining an event every hour to flag him.

Like i say - the point is that he should have been detected as a bot and ejected the first time he did this 2 days ago.

He should now be banned from Zwift completely but thats really a separate point.


Why would someone on ToW get coned? It’s not a race.

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It really is a shame that someone has to do such things … for what? It’s cheating, that should be banned. Or better, just delete all XP that got collected with this kind of behavior and back to Level 1.

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If enough users flag you with the companion you get a cone of shame, could be for bad language, harassment, cheating, etc…

So, what @Richard_Law_INC_A said about power probably had nothing to do with it and was a distractor.

Well it’s not about it “being a race”. It’s clear that Zwift regularly cones riders for unrealistic power - even just when free riding. In this case though, he’s clearly using a bot for some other reason . . . he’s literally called himself “levelling up” - e.g tron bike a la Cam Jeffers?

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Sorry @JamesBailey, I know its a weekend but this is ridiculous.

Has anyone filled out the form linked above?

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Im away for the weekend but would also have no visibility of seeing if anyone had been reported, its a different team and i just program events :slight_smile:

Happy to be contacted privately with details and a promise to look into it.