Game Update 1.60 [March 2024]

Full support as in it will connect like other heart rate monitors and stay connected like them.

Remember that this device has never officially been supported by Zwift. It’s only fortunate that some users are able to use it.

People are angry about this situation but directing it at the wrong people/organization.


Can we for once have the developer team focus on performance improvement on MacOS, iPadOS and TVOS.

These last updates we got “packed” with features no one ever requested.
Yet the request for performance on MacOS, iPadOS and TVOS has been here for years now.

Please follow up on these requests.


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Can you add an option to turn off the shockwave? It’s really annoying and makes me less likely to do ride on bombs.

Also the black squares are still here.


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Our phased rollout continues today. Apple TV and iOS devices will begin receiving the game version 1.60.

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Turn banner stays on screen all the time 1.60

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Can you give us a screenshot?

Also, can you give us a little more context - what world did this happen in? Were you in a free ride or did it happen when joining an event or meetup?

Rgv france rhino group ride

Stayed like that for the whole ride

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This is an old bug

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Asking this politely as possible, when will we be getting the option to manage our garage?


Since 1.59 and Virtual Shifting for Kickr was introduced even with virtual shifting turned OFF I get the “Gear 12” status top left of screen. I checked and no virtual shifting was active just the misleading indication. I have to turn virtual shifting ON and OFF again and it then disappears as it should.

Just a mild annoyance and should be an easy fix.

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My pc windows does not complete the update, so I cannot access Zwift!!!

Try doing a clean reinstall of the game

If you post all the technical specs about your PC you can also get more advice about it.

Were you warming up in a different world prior to getting to the event pen in France?

Hi @_MENTORE - Welcome to the forums! I’ll reach out directly to gather some more details about your setup and help get you back up and running.

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An upvote for an option to turn off the ride-on bomb graphic please; was fun for 2 goes but soon just gets annoying.

I’m sure others like it and it’s a nice option; but should be an option. Thanks.


My device even though I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift, my PC is unable to complete the data upload! Wifi work well, I can ride with iPad

Bug #1 seen with 1.60 on Android: :beetle:

I finished ERG mode workout from other device and then continued riding. I reconnected “resistance” to smart trainer via pairing screen. It enabled virtual shifting just fine but shortly after I received three popups that I have scored 1000/1100/1200 watts badges. This part is wrong. I have never reached those watts in my life.

Bug #2: :beetle:

I switched from free ride (France) to join race in game via the “join event” button (Watopia). When I spawned in the pen, the game kept my KOM jersey from the previous ride/world. So I did not race in my normal team jersey but KOM jersey instead. Looks like an issue with caching but it may have been present for long time.

Question on rider highlighting: :man_shrugging:

The ride on bomb looks good :+1: and other riders did got the blue highlight shortly but why isn’t the highlight feature turned on to highlight ME? I do not see it in the menu. It is clearly in the game. Does it have to be enabled server side for Android?

I’m fairly sure player highlight isn’t enabled on Android just yet.